Labotek LRD


Labotek LRD Series – Lightweight Rotor Hopper Dryers

Labotek introduces the new compact LRD series, offering lightweight dryers designed for on-machine mounting with hopper volumes ranging from 30 to 100 litres. The LRD series ensures high drying performance with a consistent dew point of -35°C or better.


Key Features

The Labotek LRD Series boasts an efficient design, achieving a dew point of -35°C or better without requiring compressed air or cooling water. With operational flexibility, it supports process air temperatures ranging from 50-140°C, offering automatic operation through a daily/weekly timer. Technological excellence is showcased in its honeycomb rotor dry air technology, featuring three dew point settings and an integrated “LESS” function for energy reduction and over-drying protection. User-friendly attributes include a low-maintenance design, three levels of drying performance, and practical features like a supporting base and lid for SVR/Mini-Feed.


Optional Features

  • Mobile frame with catch box (LT no. 103180)
  • Hand-held control (LT no. 220240)
  • Dew point sensor available on request for new machines