Labotek DDM


Labotek DDM

Versatile and Efficient Drying

Labotek’s DDM Series is a versatile solution for continuous drying of free-flowing granular plastic materials. With energy optimisation and a preset temperature range of 60 to 140ºC (extendable to 180ºC in the HT model), the DDM ensures precise temperature control and a dew point of <-35ºC. This achieves a final moisture content below 0.02% (0.002% in the HT model). The DDM series features a compact design with a small footprint of only 0.82 m², offering drying hopper capacities of 60, 120, 180, and 225 litres. It operates with an electrical 3-phase power supply, eliminating the need for compressed air.


Advanced Control and Energy Efficiency

Controlled by a microprocessor-based 6″ colour touch screen, the DDM includes the Labotek Energy Saving System (LESS) for energy-efficient drying and protection against over-drying. The system allows for a relative lowering of drying temperature after reaching the set value, optimising energy consumption. The desiccant dryer’s process involves a closed system with desiccant air circulation, drying air heating elements, and a dry air conveying system. The regeneration process ensures continuous operation, utilizing two desiccant beds and molecular sieves. The DDM series includes a comprehensive 3-year warranty, excluding wear parts, and offers optional features for specific production needs.


Customisation and Durability

The DDM is designed for ease of operation and customisation, featuring a touch screen control, LESS for energy savings, and a compact design with various hopper capacities. It is prepared for options such as double conveying, cyclone dust separation, level control, warning lamps, flanges for air separators, and tropical execution for high ambient conditions. Labotek provides a 3-year warranty, demonstrating confidence in the durability and reliability of the DDM series, excluding wear parts.