Compressed Air Dryers

Labotek LCD

Labotek dominates the Australian and New Zealand plastic industry markets for vacuum conveying of plastic granular and recycled regrind materials since Fleming began distributing Labotek in 1981. In fact, they have been so popular, many remain in operation today. Fleming carry hopper loaders ex stock Sydney including all main spares, supported by a team of technicians who are experts in service and repair.


Labotek A/S presents the LCD Dryer series, featuring advanced compressed air dryers with a dew point down to -50°C. These machine-mounted models, designed for small-medium throughputs, offer an electronic control panel for easy programming using an internal material database. The system modulates compressed air flow based on hourly capacity and material type, reducing power consumption through an anti-stress system.


Key features include a lid for SVR/Mini-Feed, a microprocessor-based electronic control with an LCD display, continuous modulating system for compressed air flow, daily-weekly timer, solid-state relay control, antistress system, visual and acoustic alarms, and a compressed air filter. Optional features enhance flexibility, and the series includes three models (LCD 5, LCD 15, LCD 30) with varying hopper volumes and process airflow capacities. Labotek provides a two-year warranty, excluding wear parts, and specifications may change without notice.


Drying Hopper available in 5, 15 and 30 litres.