Bulk Bag Unloading

Labotek bulk bag unloading stations are made as a flexible design to adapt to several sizes of large bags.

The discharging of BigBags and octabins through the utilisation of suction pipes often results in production disruptions due the suction of the film which affects the flow of materials. Thus, a bulk bag unloader is a system that enables you to safety and efficiently unload large bags full of materials such as salt, mixed herbs, glass fibre sticks, pellets, rubber granulate and more. When unloading materials that will be used in food and baking operations the bulk bag unloaders will eliminate the risk of contamination and impure materials. Labotek dominates the Australian and New Zealand plastic industry markets for vacuum conveying of plastic granular and recycled regrind materials since Fleming began distributing Labotek in 1981. Fleming supplies Laboktek’s bulk bag unloading system which is designed for standard pallet size octabins.


Labotek Bulk Bag

Labotek bulk bag emptying stations are made as a flexible design to adapt to several sizes of big bags.

Material contact points are made from stainless steel AISI 304 and may be supplied with manual or pneumatically operated slide valve and catchbox. The upper frame is adjustable, the material chute is available with 2 or 4 outlets.

  • Automatic bag tightening via pneumatic cylinder
  • Automatic suction head follow-up with sinking filling level
  • Oscillating suction head
  • Oscillating bulk bag tightener