Bulk Bag Unloading

Labotek Bulk Bag Unloading

Traditional suction pipe methods for discharging BigBags and octabins often lead to production disruptions by suctioning film and affecting material flow. A bulk bag unloader is a streamlined system ensuring safe and efficient unloading of large bags filled with materials like salt, mixed herbs, glass fiber sticks, pellets, rubber granulate, and more. Specifically beneficial for materials in food and baking operations, these unloaders eliminate contamination risks. With Labotek’s dominance in the Australian and New Zealand plastic industry markets for vacuum conveying since 1981, Fleming offers Labotek’s bulk bag unloading system designed for standard pallet-sized octabins.


Versatile Bulk Bag Handling Solutions

Labotek presents a comprehensive range of bulk bag handling solutions designed for flexibility and adaptability across various applications. The bulk bag emptying stations are meticulously crafted with stainless steel AISI 304 material contact points and offer options for manual or pneumatically operated slide valves and catchboxes. The upper frame is adjustable, and the material chute comes with the choice of 2 or 4 outlets, ensuring versatility in material discharge.


Key Features and Configurations

Labotek’s bulk bag emptying stations boast advanced features for efficient material handling. These include automatic bag tightening via a pneumatic cylinder, automatic suction head follow-up with a sinking filling level, and an oscillating suction head for optimised performance. The stations are designed to accommodate various big bag sizes, providing flexibility in handling different material volumes. Labotek octabin stands, tailored for standard pallet size octabins, feature adjustable discharge stations and material contact points made from stainless steel AISI 304. The stands can be equipped with manual or pneumatically operated slide valves and catchboxes for user convenience.


Technical Specifications

Labotek ensures that its bulk bag handling solutions meet industry requirements. The maximum load capacity is 1200 kg, and the big bag size can go up to W: 1100 H: 1855 D: 1100. The offerings include the versatile Big-Bag with 1-4 outlets and a diameter of Ø50, and the Octabin stand with dimensions W: 1250 H: 1325 D: 1370. The discharge station’s height is adjustable, offering adaptability to different operational needs.