Labotek Mini-Feed 05


Requiring quiet and reliable conveying of granules, regrind, or powders?  You have arrived at the right place.

Mini-Feed 05 Hopper Loader

The Mini-Feed 05 is an automatic compressed air hopper loader designed for conveying free-flowing granules to small processing machines. It features a stainless steel design that is functional, robust, and equipped with built-in level control. The loader has a capacity of up to 25 kg/h and can be optionally fitted with a built-in vibrator for enhanced performance. Installation is easy, and the unit comes with a 3-year warranty (excluding wear parts).


Included Accessories

The Mini-Feed 05 is supplied with essential accessories for operation, including a 3-meter antistatic suction hose, a 3-meter compressed air hose for injection, an injector pipe with Ø 25, and a 3-meter power cord.


Optional Features

Several optional features are available for customisation, including delivery in 32 mm for high-performance applications, an injector with a vibrator for improved material flow, a conical adapter, and a warning lamp for operational safety. These options allow users to tailor the Mini-Feed 05 to their specific requirements and production needs.