Movacolor MMS Totalizer

MMS Totalizer: Precision Monitoring for Main Material Consumption

Modular and Versatile Design

The MMS Totalizer from Movacolor is purpose-built to measure the consumption of the main material, offering a modular and versatile design. This device can be seamlessly integrated into existing Movacolor setups, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with various hopper loaders. The top plate of the MMS Totalizer features an adapter plate, accommodating loaders with outlet diameters up to 280 mm. Different tube holders enhance flexibility, allowing the connection of various material tubes for a customised dosing solution.


Easy Installation and Quality Control

Installation is simplified with the MMS Totalizer, making it compatible with multiple loader types. The device incorporates two load cells to constantly measure weight, ensuring high precision in monitoring main material consumption. Quality control is facilitated through Movacolor’s Touch Screen Controller (MCTC) and MCSmart, providing real-time data and enabling effective monitoring. With a temperature range of up to 120 degrees in the standard version and 180 degrees in the high-temperature version, the MMS Totalizer is suitable for injection molding and extrusion applications.


Movacolor’s Commitment to Sustainability

Movacolor, headquartered in the Netherlands, specialises in tailor-made dosing solutions for the plastics industry. With a mission to support plastic manufacturers in achieving sustainability goals, Movacolor offers a unique modular dosing concept. This approach empowers manufacturers to easily process recycled materials, reduce waste, and optimize cost efficiency. The MMS Totalizer exemplifies Movacolor’s commitment to precision dosing and sustainability in plastics manufacturing.