Maguire 400 series

Maguire 400 Series

Weigh scale blender for small to medium extruders, large injection machines and central blending systems.

Maguire Gravimetric Blenders: The world’s leading blender range, with close to 60K units sold globally. With a focus on performance, serviceability, ease of use, and price, Maguire’s design principles prioritise accuracy, quick return on investment, and ease of use. The hardware and software evolve continuously to ensure robust, reliable, and improved products. All Maguire products come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.


The Maguire 400 Series, designed for injection and blow molders, extrusion lines, and central blending applications, boasts a high throughput capacity of up to 1450 lb/hr (650 kg/hr) across its 12 available models. Featuring high-capacity fixed hoppers with 2 to 6 material compartments, the series ensures efficient material management. The inclusion of removable hoppers facilitates swift color changes, and the system can handle up to 8 materials, providing versatility and efficiency in material blending for various industrial needs.