Maguire 100MP series

A weigh scale blender for injection moulders and small extruders. Ideal for processors with frequent material change.

Ideal Solution for Frequent Material Changes

Maguire’s WSB 140MP MicroPlus™ Gravimetric Blender is designed for injection molders and small extruders, catering to processors with frequent material changes. With five available models, this blender achieves throughput rates of up to 160 kg/hr, making it versatile for various applications. The removable hopper option facilitates quick colour changes, reducing downtime and ensuring operational efficiency.


Precision Blending and User-Friendly Controls

Equipped with an integrated weighing module, the 140MP MicroPlus™ blender offers precise measurement through the loss-in-weight principle. The system consists of four removable hoppers with material dispense valves for metering all materials. Quick colour changes are made easy with tool-free removal of hoppers. The blender’s control system, operated by user-friendly thumbwheels or an optional touchscreen, ensures high consistency with an accuracy of ± 0.1%. Sequential dispensing and homogenous mixing contribute to a reliable and efficient blending process.


Enhanced Features and Integration

The 140MP MicroPlus™ blender comes with features such as audible and visual alarms for incomplete batches, reporting capabilities, and optional loader lift for fast cleanout. The proprietary microprocessor-control technology monitors and confirms the weight of each ingredient, offering compensation for dispense weight variations. With a focus on easy setup, password protection, and rapid colour changes, Maguire’s WSB 140MP MicroPlus™ Gravimetric Blender is an ideal choice for processors seeking precision blending, efficiency, and user-friendly controls.