Maguire 100 Series

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Maguire 100 Series

Ideal for Frequent Material Changes

Maguire introduces the WSB 140 Gravimetric Blender, specifically designed for injection molders and small extruders, offering precision blending with an overall accuracy of ± 0.1%. This compact machine, part of the WSB 100 series, is among the smallest in Maguire’s range, making it ideal for processors with frequent material changes.


Versatile Settings and Efficient Operation

The WSB 140 features a stainless steel slide gate for dosing materials with a wide range of settings, from 1% to 100%. A slide gate restrictor is recommended for low percentage settings, enhancing control. With a throughput ranging from 160 kg/h to 210 kg/h, this blender accommodates up to four materials in its 1-hopper, 4-material compartment configuration. Sequential dispensing ensures accurate dispenses, while a homogenous mix is achieved by releasing complete batches into the mixing chamber.


User-Friendly Controls and Integration

The blender is equipped with user-friendly thumbwheels or an optional touchscreen for easy setup. Password protection, audible/visual alarms, and reporting capabilities enhance operational control. Integration with other systems is seamless through leading fieldbus or OPC interfaces. Quick cleanout, rapid colour changes, and Maguire’s proprietary microprocessor-control technology contribute to the efficiency of the blending process. With a reduced footprint and a 5-year warranty, the WSB 140 is an ideal choice for small processing machines requiring precision and versatility.