Efficient and Cost-Effective Materials Storage Solutions by Fleming

Efficient and Cost-Effective Materials Storage Solutions by Fleming


In the dynamic landscape of plastics manufacturing, a crucial aspect often overlooked is the efficient storage of primary polymers. Fleming, a leading provider of polymer  storage solutions, understands the importance of streamlined processes and offers cost-effective solutions to meet all your storage needs from small beside the machine material bins to bulk outdoor silos. This blog will delve into the key components of their materials storage systems, designed for optimal space utilisation and convenience.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Fleming prioritises cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. Their storage components are crafted to accommodate raw materials supplied in various forms, including 25kg bags, bulk bags, octa bins, material bins, and both indoor and bulk outdoor silos. This versatility ensures that manufacturers can choose the most suitable option for their specific requirements, optimising both budget and space.

Space-Saving Innovations:

One of Fleming’s standout features is their commitment to space-saving innovations. The materials storage solutions are designed with a keen understanding of the value of floor space in production facilities. By offering compact yet capacious storage options, Fleming helps manufacturers maximise their operational areas while efficiently organising raw materials.

Tailored for Central Vacuum Materials Handling Systems:

Fleming’s storage components seamlessly integrate with central vacuum materials handling systems. This integration allows for the creation of dedicated raw materials storage areas outside the production room. The strategic placement of these storage solutions enhances workflow efficiency, reduces clutter within the production space, and ensures a smooth and organised materials handling process.

Versatility in Storage Options:

To cater to diverse manufacturing needs, Fleming provides a range of storage options suitable for different materials and production setups. Whether you deal with bulk materials, smaller quantities in bags, or a combination of both, Fleming has the right solution for you. This adaptability makes their storage components an ideal choice for a wide array of industries.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications:

Recognising the diversity of production environments, Fleming’s storage solutions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you need to store materials in a controlled indoor setting or require weather-resistant options for outdoor bulk storage, Fleming has the right solution to ensure the integrity of your raw materials.


In the world of manufacturing, efficient materials storage is a cornerstone of operational success. Fleming’s dedication to providing cost-effective, space-saving solutions tailored to various storage needs sets them apart as a reliable partner in optimising manufacturing processes. By integrating their storage components into your setup, you can achieve a well-organised and streamlined materials handling system that enhances productivity and contributes to overall operational excellence.

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