The P230S represents a state-of-the-art pressurised-water temperature control unit capable of handling temperatures up to 230°C. It features the advanced RT200 control system, ensuring precise regulation and control for various industrial processes. Equipped with a high-flow pump boasting a rate of 40 l/min and a patented heater pressure stabiliser, the P230S ensures efficient temperature management and stability in demanding industrial environments.


Technical Specifications and Performance

With a maximum outlet temperature of 230°C and a filling quantity of 1.5 litres, the P230S demonstrates robust technical specifications. It offers a heating capacity of 8 kW and a cooling capacity of 88 kW at 400V. The unit is designed with essential features such as a patented pressure holder, a solid-state relay for improved performance, and a leak-free pump with a magnetic coupling. Operating at an IP54 protection degree, the P230S is suitable for various industrial settings and maintains stability even in challenging conditions.


Standard Equipment and Options

The P230S comes equipped with essential features including a patented pressure holder, solid-state relay (SSR), and a filter in the main circuit. It also includes draining functionality by suction and offers the option for electronic flow measurement. The unit is compatible with both RT100 and RT200 control systems, providing users with flexibility and control options tailored to their specific needs. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the P230S caters to applications such as injection molding and die casting, offering reliability and precision in temperature control for industrial processes.