The P181XL presents an advanced pressurized-water temperature control unit designed to handle temperatures up to 180°C, featuring the sophisticated RT200 control system. Equipped with a pump boasting an impressive flow rate of 200 l/min, the unit incorporates a low-scale cooling system “SK” and precise pressure control mechanisms. The adoption of a solid-state relay instead of a heating contactor ensures enhanced reliability and efficiency in temperature regulation processes.


Technical Specifications and Performance

With a heating capacity ranging from 20 kW to 60 kW at 400V and a cooling capacity of 156 kW, the P181XL offers versatile temperature control solutions for various industrial applications. It maintains a maximum outlet temperature of 180°C and operates within a pressure range of 8.0 to 8.5 bar. The unit’s operating voltage ranges from 200-600 V, 50/60 Hz, accommodating diverse operational requirements. It features outlet and inlet connections at G1 1/2″IG and G3/4″ for cooling water mains respectively, housed in an IP54 protection degree casing for durability and reliability.


Standard Equipment and Optional Features

The P181XL comes equipped with essential features such as a solid-state relay, hand valve in the inlet and outlet, and a water circuit constructed of non-rusting materials. It includes automatic water refill, filters in both the main circuit and cooling water circuit, and a patented low-scale cooling system “SK”. Additionally, it features pressure gauges for outlet and system pressure monitoring. The unit is compatible with the RT200 control system and offers optional features like electronic flow measurement and compatibility with the RT100 control system, catering to specific industrial requirements.