The P180L represents a cutting-edge pressurised-water temperature control unit engineered to operate at temperatures of up to 180°C. Its advanced control system, RT200, ensures precise temperature regulation, making it ideal for demanding industrial processes. Equipped with a high-flow pump boasting a capacity of 140 l/min, the unit incorporates a low-scaling cooling system “SK” and pressure control mechanisms to maintain optimal performance. The utilisation of a solid-state relay instead of a heating contactor enhances reliability and efficiency.


Impressive Technical Specifications

The P180L offers impressive technical specifications tailored for industrial applications. With heating capacities ranging from 17 kW to 51 kW at 400V, and a cooling capacity between 116 kW and 129 kW, it provides versatility in temperature control. The unit can handle a maximum outlet temperature of 180°C and operates within a pressure range of up to 5.4 bar. It features outlet and inlet connections at G1″/60°/Cone and G1/2″ for cooling water mains respectively, with IP54 protection against environmental elements.


Standard Equipment and Optional Features

Standard equipment for the P180L includes essential features such as a solid-state relay, hand valves in the inlet and outlet, and a water circuit constructed of non-rusting materials. It also includes automatic water refill, filters in the main circuit and cooling water circuit, a patented low-scale cooling system “SK”, and a pressure gauge for system pressure monitoring. Additionally, it comes with the RT200 control system as standard. Optional features encompass electronic flow measurement and compatibility with the RT100 control system. The P180L caters to various industrial applications including injection molding and die casting, offering reliable temperature control solutions.