The P160L pressurized-water temperature control unit, engineered by Regloplas AG, is designed to efficiently manage temperatures up to 160°C, catering to a diverse range of industrial applications. Equipped with the cutting-edge RT200 control system, this unit ensures precise temperature regulation for enhanced process control and productivity. With a pump boasting an impressive flow rate of 140 l/min and a low-scale cooling system (SK), the P160L unit guarantees reliable cooling performance even under demanding operating conditions. Pressure control mechanisms and the integration of a solid-state relay instead of a heating contactor contribute to the unit’s operational stability and safety.


Detailed Technical Specifications

The P160L unit features comprehensive technical specifications tailored to meet industrial standards and operational requirements. Its heating capacity, ranging from 17 kW to 51 kW at 400V, ensures optimal thermal output for various industrial processes. The cooling capacity ranges from 101 kW to 112 kW, depending on the configuration, facilitating effective heat dissipation. The unit is equipped with a patented low-scale cooling system (SK) or 2SK variant, maintaining outlet temperatures at 150°C and cooling water temperatures at 20°C. With dimensions of 350/967/1366 mm and a weight of 170 kg, the unit’s design allows for easy installation and integration into existing industrial setups.


Standard Equipment and Customisation Options

The P160L unit comes equipped with standard features to enhance operational efficiency and system performance. These include a solid-state relay (SSR) instead of a heating contactor, hand valves in the inlet and outlet, and a water circuit constructed of non-rusting materials. The unit also features automatic water refill capability and filters in both the main circuit and the cooling water circuit. Regloplas offers customization options such as electronic flow measurement and the choice between RT100 and RT200 control systems to meet specific operational needs. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the P160L unit caters to industries including injection molding, die casting, and various other applications, providing reliable temperature control solutions for industrial processes.