The P141XL is an advanced pressurized-water temperature control unit designed to manage temperatures up to 140°C. It features the RT200 control system, ensuring precise temperature regulation for industrial applications. With a robust pump boasting a high flow rate of 200 liters per minute, the unit facilitates efficient heat transfer and temperature control. Equipped with a low-scaling cooling system “SK” and pressure control, it guarantees optimal performance under varying conditions.


Technical Specifications and Features

Operating at a maximum outlet temperature of 140°C, the P141XL offers versatile heating capacity options of 20 kW, 40 kW, or 60 kW, along with a cooling capacity of 115 kW. The unit incorporates a solid-state relay (SSR) for improved reliability and durability, replacing the conventional heating contactor. Standard features include a water circuit resistant to rust, automatic water refill, and built-in filters for both the main and cooling water circuits. It also includes pressure gauges for system monitoring and operates under IP54 protection.


Standard Equipment and Options

The P141XL comes equipped with essential features such as a solid-state relay (SSR), hand valves for inlet and outlet, and a patented low-scale cooling system “SK” for enhanced performance. Options for electronic flow measurement and compatibility with the RT100 control system offer flexibility in operation. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the P141XL caters to diverse applications including injection molding and die casting, providing reliable and efficient temperature control solutions for industrial processes.