The P140smart is a pressurised-water temperature control unit engineered to manage temperatures up to 140°C efficiently. Equipped with the RT70 control system featuring a 3.5″ TFT display, it offers precise temperature regulation for various industrial processes. With a pump boasting a high flow rate of 40 liters per minute and a leak-free design with magnetic coupling, the P140smart ensures reliable operation and optimal heat exchange.


Key Technical Specifications

Capable of handling temperatures up to 140°C, the P140smart unit offers a heating capacity of 8 kW and a cooling capacity of 85 kW. Its robust design includes a Cooler 1K configuration, ensuring effective cooling at elevated temperatures. Operating at a maximum pressure of 5.0 bar, it employs a Pt100 measuring mode for accurate temperature monitoring. The unit operates within a voltage range of 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz, and features standard G1/2″ inlet and outlet connections.



Standard Equipment and Representation

Standard features of the P140smart include the RT70 control system, a solid-state relay (SSR) for enhanced reliability, and a filter in the cooling water circuit. Designed with an IP40 protection degree, it incorporates non-rusting materials in its water circuit and offers automatic water refill functionality. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the P140smart caters to industries such as injection molding and die casting, providing a dependable solution for temperature control needs.