Efficient Temperature Control Solution

The P140S pressurised-water temperature control unit, designed by Regloplas AG, offers efficient temperature management up to 140°C, ideal for various industrial applications. Equipped with the advanced RT200 control system, this unit ensures precise temperature regulation with optimal performance. The incorporation of a pump boasting a high flow rate of 40 l/min, coupled with a low-scaling cooling system labeled “SK,” guarantees reliable cooling under demanding operational conditions. Additionally, pressure control mechanisms and a leak-free pump with magnetic coupling enhance operational stability and safety.


Detailed Technical Specifications

The P140S unit features comprehensive technical specifications tailored to meet industrial standards and requirements. With a heating capacity of 8 kW at 400V, it provides sufficient thermal output for temperature-sensitive processes. The cooling capacity ranges from 56 kW to 68 kW, depending on the configuration, ensuring effective heat dissipation. The unit’s design includes a low-scale cooling system with two variants, SK and 2SK, capable of maintaining outlet temperatures at 130°C and cooling water temperatures at 20°C. Furthermore, the unit’s compact design, with dimensions of 236/589/812 mm and a weight of 52 kg, facilitates easy installation and integration into existing systems.


Customisation Options and Standard Equipment

Regloplas offers a range of customisation options to suit diverse operational needs. These include electronic flow measurement, hand valve installation in the inlet and outlet, and a cleanroom version for specialised environments. The unit comes equipped with standard features such as a solid-state relay (SSR) instead of a heating contactor, automatic water refill capability, and a filter in the main circuit for enhanced system cleanliness. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the P140S unit caters to industries including injection molding, die casting, and other applications, providing reliable temperature control solutions for industrial processes.