The P100M is a pressurised-water temperature control unit designed to handle temperatures up to 100°C. It features the RT200 control system, ensuring precise temperature management and control. With a high-flow pump delivering 90 litres per minute, it ensures efficient heat exchange and temperature regulation, ideal for industrial applications.


Technical Specifications and Features

The P100M boasts an impressive heating capacity ranging from 8 kW to 18 kW and varying cooling capacities at different outlet temperatures, offering versatility for diverse industrial applications. Standard features include a solid-state relay (SSR) for enhanced control and a leak-free pump with magnetic coupling for reliability and safety. It also incorporates a direct cooling system (DK) for efficient heat dissipation.


Options and Representation

Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the P100M caters to sectors like injection molding and die casting. It offers customisation options such as electronic flow measurement and hand valves for specific operational needs. Compatible with the RT100 control system, the P100M provides a versatile and reliable solution for industries requiring precise temperature management.