he P100L is a high-performance pressurised-water temperature control unit designed to handle temperatures up to 100°C. Equipped with the advanced RT200 control system, it ensures precise temperature regulation for various industrial processes. With its powerful pump delivering a flow rate of 140 litres per minute, it offers efficient heat exchange and rapid temperature adjustments, making it ideal for diverse applications.


Technical Specifications

Featuring impressive heating capacities ranging from 17 kW to 51 kW and a substantial cooling capacity of 160 kW, the P100L is well-equipped for demanding operations. Its direct cooling technology maximises cooling efficiency even at high operating temperatures. The unit also incorporates a solid-state relay for superior control and reliability, replacing conventional heating contactors.



Standard Equipment and Representation

Standard features of the P100L include a filter in the main circuit, direct cooling functionality, and an automatic water refill system, ensuring seamless operation and maintenance. Additionally, it includes a pressure gauge for monitoring system pressure and is constructed with non-rusting materials for durability. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the P100L serves industries such as injection molding and die casting, providing a dependable solution for temperature management requirements.