90S – Open Bath Water up to 90°C


Regloplas presents the 90S Open Bath Water Temperature Control Unit, designed to handle water temperatures up to 90°C. With the advanced RT200 control system, this unit ensures precise temperature management for industrial processes requiring high-performance heat transfer solutions.


High-Performance Components and Technical Specifications

Featuring an immersion pump with a standard flow rate of 60 l/min (optional upgrade to 70 l/min), the 90S unit incorporates a solid-state relay instead of a heating contactor, enhancing efficiency and reliability. Technical specifications include a heating capacity of 6/9 kW at 400V and a cooling capacity of 51 kW, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications.


Standard Equipment and Optional Enhancements

Standard features of the 90S unit include a solid-state relay, immersion pump, indirect cooling, automatic water refill, filter in the cooling water circuit, and IP40 protection degree. Optional enhancements such as a filler neck, electronic flow measurement, and magnetic valve offer customization to meet specific industrial requirements. With its robust construction and advanced functionalities, the 90S unit is suitable for applications in injection molding, die casting, and various other industrial processes, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.