Introducing the 200smart by Regloplas, a cutting-edge temperature control unit designed specifically for thermal oil applications up to 200°C. Engineered with precision, it features the RT70 control system equipped with a 3.5″ TFT display for intuitive operation and monitoring. The immersion pump boasts a high flow rate of 70 l/min, ensuring efficient heat transfer and regulation in industrial processes.


Key Technical Specifications

The 200smart offers impressive technical specifications, including a heating capacity of 2 kW for oil at 200°C and a cooling capacity tailored for emergency cooling needs. With a maximum outlet temperature of 200°C and a robust pump capacity of 70 l/min, it ensures consistent performance even under demanding conditions. The unit operates at an optimal power consumption of 0.92 kW, contributing to energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Standard Equipment and Options

Equipped with a solid-state relay and a filter in the cooling water circuit, the 200smart ensures reliable operation and minimal maintenance requirements. It boasts IP40 protection, safeguarding against environmental elements, and operates quietly with a noise level below 70 dB (A). Additionally, it offers customisable options such as electronic flow measurement, catering to diverse industrial needs. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the 200smart is ideal for applications in injection molding, die casting, and various industrial processes requiring precise temperature control.