180s up to 180°C

180s up to 180°C

Regloplas presents the 180S, a temperature control unit engineered to handle oil temperatures up to 180°C. Featuring the RT200 control system, this unit ensures precise temperature management for industrial processes requiring high heat. It includes an immersion pump designed for a high flow rate of 70 l/min, offering efficient heat exchange and regulation.


Key Technical Specifications

The 180S boasts robust technical specifications, with heating capacities ranging from 6 to 9 kW for oil at 180°C and 140°C respectively. It features a cooling capacity of 29 kW, maintaining optimal temperature levels during operations. Equipped with the RT100/RT200 control system and standard Pt100 measuring mode, it ensures accuracy and reliability. With IP40 protection and noise levels below 70 dB (A), it’s suitable for demanding industrial environments.


Customisable Features and Options

Standard equipment includes a solid-state relay, immersion pump, indirect cooling system, filler neck, and filter in the cooling water circuit. The unit offers options like a magnetic valve installation, electronic flow measurement, and compatibility with the RT100 control system. With its versatile design and customisable features, the 180S from Regloplas is tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries such as injection molding and die casting, ensuring precise temperature control and operational efficiency.