The 150S temperature control unit, developed by Regloplas AG, offers precise temperature management for both oil up to 150°C and water up to 90°C, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Equipped with the advanced RT200 control system, operators can ensure optimal temperature regulation, enhancing process efficiency and product quality. The unit features an immersion pump with a high flow rate of 60 l/min, with an optional upgrade to 70 l/min, providing robust circulation for effective heat transfer. Incorporating a solid-state relay in place of a heating contactor, the 150S unit prioritises safety and reliability in temperature control operations.


Comprehensive Technical Specifications

The 150S unit boasts comprehensive technical specifications designed to meet industrial standards and operational requirements. With heating capacities ranging from 6 kW to 9 kW at 400V and cooling capacities between 29 kW and 38 kW, operators have the flexibility to tailor temperature settings according to specific process needs. The unit features immersion pumps TP20 and TS22, with maximum flow rates of 60 l/min and 70 l/min, respectively, ensuring efficient coolant circulation. With dimensions of 202/560/732 mm and weighing 50 kg, the compact design of the 150S unit allows for easy integration into diverse industrial setups.


Standard Features and Optional Upgrades

The 150S unit comes equipped with standard features to enhance operational efficiency and system performance. These include a solid-state relay, immersion pump, indirect cooling mechanism, filler neck, and filters in the cooling water circuit. Additionally, the unit features automatic water refill capability and options for electronic flow measurement. Regloplas offers customisation options such as magnetic valves and one-way check valves, providing operators with enhanced control over the temperature control process. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the 150S unit caters to industries including injection molding, die casting, and various other applications, offering reliable temperature control solutions for industrial processes.