The 150 temperature control unit by Regloplas is designed to manage oil temperatures up to 150°C and water temperatures up to 90°C, offering versatile solutions for industrial processes. Equipped with the RT200 control system, it ensures precise temperature regulation, enhancing operational efficiency and product quality. The unit features a pump with a high flow rate of 70 l/min, optimising heat transfer and cooling processes for consistent performance.


Robust Technical Specifications

With its robust technical specifications, the 150 unit offers exceptional heating and cooling capacities. It can handle water and oil at outlet temperatures of up to 90°C and 150°C, respectively, with heating capacities ranging from 6 to 18 kW for water and 6 to 12 kW for oil. The cooling capacity is equally impressive, with a maximum of 75 kW for oil and 58 kW for water. The unit is equipped with a TP20 or TS22 pump type, ensuring efficient flow rates and power consumption.


Standard Equipment and Options

Standard features of the 150 unit include a filter in the cooling water circuit, a leak-free pump, and a solid-state relay (SSR) instead of a heating contactor, ensuring reliability and durability. Additionally, it comes with options such as electronic flow measurement and customisable pump curves, providing flexibility to suit various industrial applications. With its comprehensive features and options, the 150 temperature control unit is a reliable solution for industries such as injection molding, die casting, and others, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.