The 350L temperature control unit is engineered to manage thermal oil temperatures up to 350°C with precision and reliability. Equipped with the state-of-the-art RT200 control system, it ensures optimal temperature regulation in various industrial processes. With a maximum heating capacity of 20 kW, this unit offers efficient heat transfer, supported by a high-flow pump of 90 l/min, featuring a leak-free design with magnetic coupling. The incorporation of a solid-state relay enhances performance and durability by replacing traditional heating contactors.


Comprehensive Technical Specifications

The 350L unit boasts a comprehensive set of technical specifications designed to meet the demands of industrial applications. With a filling quantity of 15.0 litres and an expansion volume of 20.0 litres, it accommodates varying operational needs with ease. The cooling capacity, rated at 30 kW with a 1K cooler and 85 kW with a 2K cooler, ensures efficient heat dissipation and temperature stability during operation. Standard equipment includes a leak-free pump, filters in both the main and cooling water circuits, pressure gauges, and the RT200 control system, providing users with a reliable and versatile solution for thermal management.


Options and Representation

The 350L unit offers users several customisation options to enhance functionality and adaptability to specific requirements. Options include an inert gas blanket, a cooler with a bypass circuit (2k), and electronic flow measurement capabilities. Users have the flexibility to choose between the RT100 and RT200 control systems, tailoring the unit to their operational needs. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the 350L unit is positioned to serve a wide range of industries, including injection molding and die casting, offering advanced temperature control and performance.