The 300MD is an advanced dual-zone temperature control unit designed to manage thermal oil temperatures up to 300°C, offering precise control with the RT200 control system. With a total heating capacity of 24 kW (2 x 12 kW) and a high-flow pump boasting 80 l/min, it ensures efficient heat transfer and regulation essential for industrial processes. The unit features a leak-free pump with magnetic coupling and electronic pressure display, enhancing reliability and control.


Technical Specifications and Performance

Equipped with a cooler rated at 1K and two pump types, FM32 and FM35, the 300MD offers a maximum outlet temperature of 300°C with a filling quantity of 22.0 litres and an expansion volume of 14.0 litres. Operating at an IP54 protection degree, it ensures durability and stability in diverse industrial environments. The unit’s dimensions of 407/1150/1349 mm and weight of 235 kg make it robust and suitable for demanding applications.


Standard Equipment and Options

The 300MD comes with essential features such as a solid-state relay (SSR) instead of a heating contactor, a leak-free pump, and filters in both the main and cooling water circuits. It also includes an outlet pressure sensor and is compatible with both RT100 and RT200 control systems. Offering options like electronic flow measurement, users have flexibility and control tailored to their specific process requirements. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the 300MD stands ready to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial applications, ensuring precise temperature control and enhanced productivity.