The 300LD temperature control unit sets a new standard in thermal oil management, capable of handling temperatures up to 300°C with precision and efficiency. Equipped with the advanced RT200 control system, it ensures optimal operation in diverse industrial settings. With a remarkable heating capacity of 80 kW split into two zones (2 x 40 kW), the 300LD unit offers superior performance for demanding applications. Its pump, boasting a flow rate of 90 l/min per circle, combined with a leak-free design featuring magnetic coupling, guarantees reliable and consistent operation.


Technical Specifications and Standard Equipment

Featuring a comprehensive set of technical specifications, the 300LD unit is designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. With a filling quantity of 24.0 litres and an expansion volume of 20.0 litres, it accommodates varying operational demands with ease. The unit’s cooling capacity of 160 kW, supported by a 1K cooler, ensures efficient heat dissipation, maintaining stable temperatures during operation. Standard equipment includes a solid-state relay, leak-free pump, and filters in both the main and cooling water circuits, providing users with a robust and reliable thermal management solution.


Options and Representation

The 300LD offers users a range of options for customisation and enhanced functionality, including a cooler with a bypass circuit and electronic flow measurement capabilities. Additionally, users have the flexibility to opt for either the RT100 or RT200 control system, tailoring the unit to their specific requirements. Represented by Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd in Australia, the 300LD unit is positioned to meet the needs of diverse industries such as injection molding and die casting, offering unparalleled temperature control and performance.