Sesotec Varisort


Sesotec Varisort

Efficient Multi-Sensor Sorting

Sesotec introduces VARISORT COMPACT, a multi-sensor sorting system designed for three-dimensional material and electronic waste in the recycling industry. This system combines a vibratory feeder with a high-speed conveyor, overcoming influences of weight, shape, and material abrasiveness, significantly improving sortation quality. VARISORT COMPACT’s innovative design allows the processing of previously challenging-to-sort materials, providing enhanced capabilities for recycling applications.


Key Features and Benefits

The VARISORT COMPACT system boasts a range of sensor combinations, high throughput capability, and the flexibility for sensor upgrades to meet evolving needs. Its “learning” setup and programming, coupled with a user-friendly operating interface and VISUTEC data management system integration, enhance its usability. Universally applicable in plastics, metal, and electronic waste recycling, this system ensures effective detection and separation, guaranteeing end product purity. With a modular design, VARISORT COMPACT offers flexible, customer-oriented solutions while maintaining a compact footprint and adaptability to changing production requirements.


Advanced Sorting Technology

VARISORT COMPACT’s advanced technology surpasses conventional belt sorting systems, offering a compact design, reduced space requirements, and increased flexibility for adapting to changing market conditions. Equipped with an inductive metal sensor for precise metal detection and a camera sensor for sorting by colour, shape, and size, the system handles material sizes ranging from 5 to 50 mm. Additionally, the near-infrared sensor enables the identification and sorting of polymer materials. Sesotec emphasises the system’s efficiency, adaptability, and innovative sensor technology for improved recycling processes.