Sesotec Flake Purifier

Flake Purifier

Sesotec Flake Purifier

Efficient Plastic Sorting Technology

Sesotec’s FLAKE PURIFIER+ is a multi-sensor sorting system designed for optimising plastic recycling. Utilising a modular concept, the system combines various sensors for contaminant detection, including those for metal separation, colour sorting, and plastic type separation. The information from these sensors is processed by an octa-core technology-based evaluation unit, facilitating efficient material separation through an air-blast unit. This technology ensures effective contamination detection, sorting by material type and colour, and provides customised solutions for plastic recycling.


Key Features and Functionality

The FLAKE PURIFIER+ system offers optimized material infeed for a more evenly distributed product flow and increased material throughput. Its dust-proof design with integrated connections for dust and label extraction ensures cleanliness and efficiency. The system’s modular configuration for sensors and air-blast units allows easy maintenance and integration. With working widths ranging from 1024 mm to 1536 mm and up to three available sensors (C – Colour and Shape Sensor, M – All Metal Sensor, N – NIR Sensor), this universal system is adaptable to various plastic flakes, including PET, HDPE, or mixed plastics flakes. Sesotec emphasises the system’s universality, effective contamination detection, sorting precision, and the capability for custom solutions in plastic recycling applications.