Tria JS


The new JS Series is screen-less and suitable for runners recovery in-line with injection molding machines.

Efficient Granulation with JS Series 11

The JS Series 11 from TRIA introduces a screen-less granulator with a focus on technical molds, reinforced materials, and minimal noise levels. Designed for runners recovery in-line with injection molding machines, it ensures uniform regrind material and offers easy maintenance. The gradual cut by helical toothed rollers minimizes cutting stress, and the gear motor alignment with the rotor through an interposed chain joint enhances operational efficiency.


Versatile Specifications for JS 2811 and JS 3911

The JS 2811, featuring a 0.75 kW motor, is equipped with a patented cleaning system for the grinding chamber. It offers a chute opening of 307 x 303 mm, reels diameter of 268 mm, and an hourly throughput of 5-10 Kg/hr. On the other hand, the JS 3911, with a 1.5 kW motor, boasts a larger chute opening of 307 x 397 mm, ensuring a higher throughput of 15-20 Kg/hr. Both models prioritize easy maintenance and include optional features like special voltages/frequencies, control level, and a Venturi regrind material transport system, catering to diverse recycling needs.


Your Recycling Solution with TRIA

TRIA’s JS Series 11 granulators are tailored to meet your recycling needs, providing efficient and reliable grinding solutions. With a global presence in Italy, America, Brazil, China, and Germany, TRIA combines technical innovation with practical design, making granulation processes seamless and effective for various industries.