Tria JM


Granulators dedicated to inline grinding with injection molding machines of sprues, scraps, engineering plastics and elastomers filled with glass fiber

Efficient Recycling with JM Series 15

The JM Series 15 granulator by TRIA is a cutting-edge solution for recycling needs, particularly well-suited for runners recovery in-line with injection molding machines and scraps. Engineered for technical molds and reinforced materials, it stands out for its minimal noise level, easy maintenance, and the ability to produce uniform regrind material. The solid rotor design ensures proper noise levels in the injection molding department, contributing to a seamless operational environment.


Tailored Features for Precision

The JM 2115 model, with a motor power of 1.5 kW, showcases features like easy and tool-free access for maintenance, limited lateral footprint for reduced space between presses, and a grinding chamber in 550HV anti-wear execution. Boasting a feeding opening of 210×140 mm, it achieves an indicative throughput of 10-20 kg/hr, ensuring efficient recycling. Optional features include blades in anti-wear execution, special voltages/frequencies, and a Venturi regrind material transport system, providing flexibility for various recycling scenarios.


Comprehensive Solutions by TRIA

TRIA’s JM Series 15 aligns with your recycling needs, offering grinding solutions that are easy to handle, space-efficient, and deliver consistent performance. With a global presence in Italy, America, Brazil, China, and Germany, TRIA combines practical design with innovative features, providing effective granulation processes for diverse industries.