Maguire Ultra 600

Up to 300 kg/hr

Revolutionising Material Drying

The ULTRA low-energy dryer by Maguire revolutionises material drying, surpassing traditional desiccant dryers. It ensures exceptional energy efficiency, minimising ownership costs. Unlike desiccant dryers, ULTRA eliminates the regeneration process, reducing energy consumption and maintenance needs. Its vacuum drying process accelerates drying time, enhancing production efficiency. ULTRA’s minimal energy use for heating material results in remarkable savings compared to desiccant dryers.


Enhanced Performance with Smart Controls

Smart controls, including temperature sensing and load cell monitoring, optimise performance. These features ensure that the ULTRA dryer operates at peak efficiency, providing a reliable and effective drying solution. The advanced controls also contribute to energy savings and improved drying accuracy.


Diverse Models and Features

Maguire offers diverse ULTRA models, catering to various throughputs. LPD models suit small technical drying needs, while ULTRA models handle higher capacities. Smart features like auto-start, auto-stop, dynamic drying, and energy-saver modes enhance overall efficiency. Optional extensions, 3-phase monitoring, and dry air purge add flexibility, making the ULTRA dryer adaptable to various production requirements.