Maguire LPD 30

Up to 14 kg/hr

Cutting-Edge Drying Technology

The LPD Vacuum Dryer by [Manufacturer] is a cutting-edge solution for tool makers, rapid prototyping, and technical moulding. With no downtime during clean-out and uninterrupted on-the-fly material changes, it dries resin six times faster than desiccant dryers, resulting in a 60% reduction in energy consumption. Featuring a patented 3-stage drying technology, it eliminates material stress and ensures precise drying of technical materials like PA. The modular system allows increased throughput, while the simple control and alarms enhance user convenience. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the LPD dryer also reduces floor space and facilitates easier production planning.


Technical Specifications

The LPD-30 offers a throughput of 15 kg/h with a canister volume of 9 litres, and a maximum temperature of 180°C. It has an installed power of 4.37 kW and a shipping weight of 300 kg.


Game-Changing Efficiency

Experience a game-changing solution that ensures efficiency, energy savings, and superior product quality. Perfect for various industries, the LPD Vacuum Dryer is your key to advanced material drying technology.