Gravimetric Dryers

Labotek Gravi-Dryer ®

The most comprehensive, technologically advanced, energy optimised range of gravimetric dryers available. Gravimetric drying is a process that consumes large amounts of energy in particular for PET and engineering grade materials, therefore it is important to track consumption costs. All Labotek dryers come with additional energy saving features such as temperature lowering, over-drying protection and capacity control. © Copyright 2019


Labotek introduces a groundbreaking range of gravimetric dryers, optimised for high-energy materials like PET and engineering-grade plastics. Enhanced with features such as temperature control and capacity management, these dryers redefine efficiency in plastics processing.


Precision Energy Usage for Rapid ROI

Imagine a drying system that tailors energy consumption to actual needs, ensuring swift returns on investment. Labotek’s diverse dry air drying systems, ranging from 100 to 8500 m³/h, deliver premium solutions with desiccant units and drying hoppers from 15 to 12000 litres.


Gravi-Dryer® and Labo-Net: The Pinnacle of Precision

The Gravi-Dryer®, employing “gain in weight” and “loss in weight” principles, optimises energy usage based on material types. Labo-Net, the control system, offers unmatched flexibility, protecting against over/under drying and ensuring substantial energy savings. Labotek Gravi-Dryer® marks a new era where efficiency meets precision in plastics processing.