Labotek DH15-800

DH 15-800 L – 50 mm insulation, sight glass, exterior in stainless steel.

Labotek’s Drying Hopper (DH) series complements the DFD series, offering a wide range of hopper sizes from 15 to 12000 litres. Easily connected to DFD units, these hoppers feature stainless steel interiors, individual temperature control, and options for mezzanine installation. The DH controllers support Labotek Energy Saving System (LESS) and Air Flow Regulation System (AFRS) for energy-efficient and controlled drying processes.

The DH 15-800 series are supplied with 50 mm insulation, sight glass and exterior finish in stainless steel. Temperature range between 60-140°C as standard, however available in HT versions up to 180°C for PET. DH 200-800 is furthermore supplied with large clean out door as standard.