Labotek DFD600

Desiccant Flexible Dryer 600

Labotek specialises in manufacturing high-quality drying equipment essential for plastic raw material processing. The desiccant drying units, ranging from 100 m³/h to 8500 m³/h, ensure reliability, consistency, simplicity, and flexibility. Whether as standalone units or part of large centralised systems, Labotek’s philosophy centres on continuous drying, minimising interruptions, and operating at the lowest emissions.


The desiccant dryer is combined with one or several drying hoppers (DH), depending on application. This series of dryer is an integral part of Labotek’s centralised drying systems.


DFD 600 Series

  • Incorporates Labotek’s unique “moisture-dependent regeneration system” for flexibility and energy efficiency.
  • Capable of achieving a dew point down to -50°C, with standard compressed air monitoring.