Labotek DFD300-450


Desiccant Flexible Dryer 300-450 Series

Labotek specializes in manufacturing high-quality drying equipment essential for plastic raw material processing. The desiccant drying units, ranging from 100 m³/h to 8500 m³/h, ensure reliability, consistency, simplicity, and flexibility. Whether as standalone units or part of large centralised systems, Labotek’s philosophy centres on continuous drying, minimising interruptions, and operating at the lowest emissions.


The DFD300-450 series of desiccant dryers is aimed at the medium sized drying requirements and can dry several hygroscopic plastics raw materials simultaneously. DFD 300-450 has built-in frequency inverter as standard.  The dryer has an extremely small footprint, compared to the air volume achievable. Operating principles are identical to the smaller series, however the DFD 300-450 range is capable of supplying dew point down to -40°C or better.


DFD 300-450 Series

  • Targets medium-sized drying requirements, capable of drying multiple plastics simultaneously.
  • Built-in frequency inverter, compact footprint, and dew point down to -40°C or better.
  • Standard features include 3-phase blowers, air/air heat exchangers, and efficient regeneration system.