Optometric Dosing Systems

The dosing disc doses the additive pellet by pellet according to the calculated production capacity, making it possible to dose at ultralow ranges up to 5 pellets per second.

The revolutionary patented MDS 200 Nexus is the new standard for dosing extreme small amounts of masterbatch. It is an ultra-compact dosing unit, able to dose pellet by pellet masterbatches or additives in various shapes and sizes. The working principle is simple. A standard compressed air supply creates vacuum via an air cartridge. A dosing disc captures the individual pellets piece by piece. Optional feature on the MDS 200 Nexus is a mini hopper loader or a mounting bracket for air components (Air on Deck). Finally, the pellet is discharged with the same compressed air. Result: counting pellets with 100% accuracy.

MDS 200 Nexus

Movacolor MDS 200 Nexus

Everybody knew it was impossible, until someone came along who didn’t.

To reduce the number of components the MDS 200 Nexus is manufactured by 3D printing. This gives the opportunity to customise the connection to the production machine. The MDS 200 Nexus is only about 200 mm long, so it will fit on any small scale machine. It is suitable for high precision injection molding, including medical, automotive, and electronics, as well as low-rate extrusion. Ultraconcentrated colors and additives now become easy to dose.