Sesotec X – Ray


Efficiently detects physical contaminants in finished, packaged products

The RAYCON D+ is an intelligent X-ray product inspection system designed for end-of-line inspection of packaged products. Offering benefits such as a longer lifetime of core components and application variability, it excels in surpassing detection requirements while ensuring increased ease of use.


Performance Features and Functionality

Comprising an X-ray tube, transport system, and detector unit, the RAYCON D+ delivers a resolution of 0.4 mm HD and 0.8 mm Dual Energy. The system’s intelligent power management enhances core component longevity, ensuring automatic detection of product height and power adjustment for optimal efficiency. Its application variability is evident in the modular design, enabling easy adaptation to various applications and providing a platform for subsequent updates. The system’s hygienic design allows for easy cleaning and tool-free belt changes within minutes.


The RAYCON D+ not only surpasses the latest food regulations by up to 400% but also maintains a false reject rate below 0.01%. Its increased ease of use is highlighted by a 15″ HD touch display, automatic recognition of product packaging, and minimal false rejects. The technology comparison showcases the system’s superior sensitivity, outperforming conventional systems in detecting contaminants like glass splinters and stainless steel impurities.