Sesotec Rapid Vario

Sesotec Rapid Vario Metal Detection System

Our free-fall systems integrate quickly and easily into your existing piping.

Efficient Metal Detection and Protection

The RAPID VARIO-FS Metal Separator is a reliable solution for detecting and separating magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed in products. Ideal for industries with low hygiene applications, it minimises machinery failures, reduces downtime, and ensures high-quality end products. With a quick break-even period, it’s a trusted choice for plastics, recycling, wood, chemicals and food industries.


Flexible Design for Various Applications

Featuring stainless steel construction (1.4301), the RAPID VARIO-FS has a low installation height for easy integration into existing pipelines. It offers adjustable free-fall height and a turnable waste reject unit for customisation. Standard Jacobs adaptors enable swift installation. The system’s auto-set function and pre-installed parameters simplify operation, while enhanced signal-to-noise-ratio technology reduces electromagnetic pollution and vibrations, enhancing adaptability.


Versatile Use and Comprehensive Package

The RAPID VARIO-FS safeguards machinery in extruders, blow moulding machines, and other scenarios. It ensures quality control for final inspections, granulate, and packing stations across plastics, recycling, wood, chemicals and food industries. The package includes the metal separator with detection and separation units, mounted via Jacobs adaptors, and a Control Unit PRIMUS+. Optional features like alarms, feed hoppers, and digital counters offer tailored solutions for specific industry needs.