Sesotec GLS

Sesotec Elcon Metal Detection System

Metal detector for installation in conveyor belt systems.

The GLS metal detector, designed for bulk material analysis on conveyor belts, excels in detecting magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed in the product. With a focus on reducing machinery failure and minimizing production downtime, the GLS ensures product quality, preventing customer complaints and achieving a quick break-even. The closed detection head with a rectangular opening guarantees optimal detection precision, offering adaptability to customer-specific requirements with a variety of coil sizes, multi-frequency technology, and a compact design in stainless steel with IP 65 protection.


Functionally, the GLS metal detector is employed to analyse piece goods and bulk materials on conveyors or material chutes, demonstrating high metal sensitivity within the closed design for precise tasks, especially in the food industry. The detector can be combined with various separation systems, providing individual size adaptation, versatility in installation on all levels, and resilience to vibrations, hits, and temperature changes. The scope of delivery includes a two-channel stainless steel metal detection coil with tunnel opening, equipped with the standard GENIUS+ control unit, making it suitable for applications in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as machinery protection in fruit and vegetable processing and the packaging and textile industries.