Sesotec GF

Sesotec GF Metal Detection System

Our metal detection systems can be integrated quickly and easily into existing vacuum or pressure conveyor pipes.

Advanced Metal Detection and Separation

The GF Metal Separator stands as a reliable solution for pneumatic conveyor pipes, excelling in the detection and separation of both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed within the product. This advanced system effectively reduces costly tool and machinery damage, preventing downtimes and ensuring product quality. With a quick break-even period, the GF Metal Separator offers a space-saving and compact design, featuring stainless steel separation mechanics, junctions, and separation flaps (1.4301).


Functional Excellence in the Plastics Industry

Designed to address the challenges in the plastics industry, the GF Metal Separator demonstrates the highest sensitivity for all metals, coupled with high noise immunity against vibrations and electric smog. It operates seamlessly within pneumatic conveyor pipes, preventing disruptions to production flow and maintaining conveying speed. The system’s shutter valve prevents leak air in the pipeline, and its assembling frame guarantees quick and easy installation. The GF Metal Separator plays a crucial role in machinery protection for extruders, injection moulders, and blow moulders, safeguarding against the detrimental impact of small metal particles in the plastic melting process.