Sesotec Elcon

Sesotec Elcon Metal Detection System

Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed in product.

Robust Inspection Solution

Sesotec introduces the ELCON plate-type metal detector, a powerful solution designed for inspecting small and bulk materials on conveyor belts or material chutes. This system excels in detecting both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations, ensuring comprehensive product safety.


Seamless Integration and Versatility

With its flat profile, ELCON seamlessly integrates into conveyor belts and production lines, providing versatility for reliable metal detection needs. This design ensures that the detector plays a pivotal role in safeguarding machinery, such as granulators and shredders, across diverse industries, including plastics and chemicals.


Key Features for Operational Excellence

ELCON boasts high scanning sensitivity, incorporating an auto-set function and a maintenance-free electronic system. Paired with the PRIMUS+ Control Unit, it minimises the risk of machinery failures, reducing production downtime. The system not only prevents contamination-related issues but also ensures consistent product quality, customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness with a quick break-even period. ELCON stands out for its adaptability, user-friendly features, and resilience to external factors like electromagnetic pollution and vibrations, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency.