Sesotec SafeMag


Magnet designed for inspecting different granulates up to a grain size of 6-8 mm at a temperature of up to 100¡C.

Overview and Features

The SAFEMAG inline magnet is specifically designed for protecting extruders, injection moulding, and blow moulding machinery in the plastics industry. It operates effectively in applications with slow-moving bulk material columns, offering a short delivery time, easy handling, and cleaning, and ensuring an optimal cost-performance ratio. With a minimum installation height of only 60 mm, it provides the highest magnetic performance with 700 mT (7,000 gauss) at the effective surface. This sturdy design includes accessories and special versions, ideal for pre-separation of ferrous metals in extrusion and injection moulding applications.


Functionality and Components

Equipped with three Neodymium magnet rods arranged in a triangular matrix, the SAFEMAG magnet system guarantees reliable separation of ferromagnetic particles. This feature significantly reduces costly repair work and system downtimes, maintaining high product quality. The optional slidegate enhances operational flexibility, making it suitable as an add-on for the PROTECTOR metal separator. Cleaning is straightforward with manual removal of the magnet rods, ensuring minimal disruption during maintenance.


Application and Design

The SAFEMAG is used in standing or slow-moving material columns, operating at temperatures up to 100°C. Its compact aluminium block design allows for direct installation of material loaders, mixing units, and dosing units onto the magnet separator. The flat and sturdy design prevents the deposition of plastic granules, crucial for colour or material changes. Adaptation plates enable easy integration into various system configurations, ensuring versatility and efficiency in material handling applications.