Sesotec SafeMag

Magnet designed for inspecting different granulates up to a grain size of 6-8 mm at a temperature of up to 100¡C.

The RAPID PRO-SENSE is a high-performance metal separator designed for accurate inline detection and separation of magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations in free-fall applications. It ensures quality inspection in plastics and compound production, protecting against complaints and machine damage. With rapid return on investment and innovative HRF technology, it offers superior scanning sensitivity. The modular design allows adaptation to specific requirements, and the GENIUS+ Control Unit ensures ease of operation.


Primarily used in plastic granulate production and compounding, the RAPID PRO-SENSE metal separator enhances product purity and machine protection. Its low mounting height, quick installation, and versatility, including options like round reject units and cleaning systems, make it ideal for diverse applications. The HRF technology achieves optimal sensitivity for all metals, ensuring efficient contamination removal.


Sesotec’s RAPID PRO-SENSE metal separator is a reliable solution for free-fall applications, providing accurate detection and separation of metal contaminants. Its robust design, HRF technology, and modular system design make it a comprehensive solution for diverse industrial needs, ensuring efficient and user-friendly operation.