Sesotec Magbox

Efficient separation of fine and finest ferrous metal contaminants.

The MAGBOX-MXP is an inline magnet designed for efficient separation of fine and finest ferrous metal contaminations in free-fall applications, particularly suitable for inspecting powdery and grainy bulk materials. With exceptional magnetic power reaching up to 1,370 mT (13,700 gauss), this magnet features a sturdy stainless steel construction with protective frame for magnet tubes, ensuring durability and ease of handling. The EASY CLEAN function facilitates quick and safe cleaning, enhancing the overall separation performance. It is easily integrated into existing pipeline systems and offers various options, including versions for high-temperature applications or specific industries like food and pharmaceuticals.


The MAGBOX-MXP’s main components include two neodymium magnet grids arranged in a staggered formation, promoting optimal separation. It finds primary use in pipeline systems, delivering efficient separation of ferrous metal contaminants from bulk materials. The removable magnet part with guides streamlines the cleaning process, and the stripper plate ensures swift and secure cleaning. The magnet’s integration into pipelines is versatile, supporting flat flanges, Jacob connections, or custom-specific connections. With options for different grid configurations and high-temperature magnets, the MAGBOX-MXP adapts to diverse industry needs. The EASY CLEAN feature, allowing for the removal of magnet cores, simplifies and accelerates the cleaning process, making it an ideal solution for industries with high hygiene standards.