Sesotec Extractor

Inline magnet for protecting extruders, injection moulding and blow moulding machinery.

The EXTRACTOR-SE is an inline magnet designed for the plastics industry to safeguard extruders, injection molding, and blow molding machinery in applications with slow-moving bulk material columns. With a low 165 mm installation height and powerful Neodymium magnets (800 mT or 8,000 gauss), it efficiently separates ferromagnetic particles, minimizing downtime and repair work. The triangular matrix arrangement of three magnet rods, EASY CLEAN design, and stainless steel housing ensure easy handling and cleaning. The robust design withstands static loads up to 500 kg and shear loads up to 50 kg. Unique features prevent depositing of plastic granulate during color or material changes. The magnet system easily integrates into various systems with the help of adapting plates, and a replaceable transition ring allows installation on different inlet sizes up to 120 mm in diameter without modifying the system’s design.