Maguire Sweeper

Maguire Sweeper Conveying Systems: Effortless Material Unloading

Key Features for Efficiency

Maguire Sweeper conveying systems redefine unloading efficiency, eliminating the need for manual intervention during the process. The innovative rotating action swiftly moves resin to a slotted pick-up tube, ensuring automatic material removal. This not only enhances productivity but also results in substantial energy savings, as the vacuum system operates solely during material extraction, with convenient manual rotation control.


User-Friendly Operation and Adaptability

The Sweeper System stands out for its user-friendly design, featuring a sturdy steel stand that straddles the material container for easy front access. The Sweeper’s vertical rotating tube, driven by a slow-moving gear motor, effectively vacuums up pellets from the sides and corners. The system’s adaptability is evident in the range of build options and accessories offered by Maguire, catering to diverse material types and specific application requirements.


Enhanced Material Handling with Smart Features

Maguire’s Sweeper not only reduces manual labor and installation costs but also minimizes waste by effectively removing resin. The system boasts a thoughtful design, incorporating features such as stainless steel components, brush assemblies, and optional accessories like low-level alarms, clear Lexan material bin covers, and more. It is a smart solution that ensures efficient and contamination-free unloading, marking a significant advancement in material handling technology.