Labotek Octabin

Labotek octabin

Labotek octabin stands are engineered for standard pallet-size octabins, offering an adjustable discharge station to accommodate various inner liner lengths.


Adaptability and Convenience

Designed specifically for standard pallet-size octabins, Labotek octabin stands feature an adjustable discharge station suitable for the desired inner liner length. The stands can be equipped with a manual or pneumatically operated slide valve and catchbox for added flexibility.


Versatile Bulk Bag Handling

Labotek’s bulk bag emptying stations are highly adaptable, catering to different big bag sizes with an adjustable upper frame and a stainless steel AISI 304 material chute featuring 1-4 outlets. The inspection door ensures safe handling during the opening of a new big bag.


Functional Design with Material Integrity

The Labotek octabin stands prioritize functionality and adaptability, incorporating an adjustable discharge station for standard pallet-size octabins. The material contact points are made from stainless steel AISI 304 and can be supplied with a manual or pneumatically operated slide valve and catchbox. The stands accommodate a maximum load of 1200 kg and big bag sizes up to W: 1100 H: 1855 D: 1100, with an adjustable discharge station height.