Labotek Mobile Bins

Labotek Mobile Bins

Versatile Stainless Steel Mobile Containers

Introducing Labotek’s new series of rectangular stainless steel mobile containers with a focus on practicality and efficiency. These containers come in six standard sizes, ranging from 150 to 2400 litres, providing a comprehensive range to meet various material handling needs.


Key Features and Specifications

Made entirely from Stainless Steel Aisi 304, these containers are not only durable but also flexible. They can be easily moved with a forklift, and an optional wheels feature adds further mobility. The standard supply includes a catch box with 1-4 suction outlets for trouble-free conveying, an oblong inspection glass for level indication, and a lid for bottom emptying of the catch box. The incorporation of a bottom drain tray ensures zero waste, aligning with sustainability goals. Additionally, users have the option for automatic material filling, enhancing operational convenience.


Technical Specifications

The containers are designed with precision, featuring dimensions tailored for each of the six sizes (150, 300, 600, 900, 1400, and 2400 litres). Labotek emphasises adaptability, ease of use, and the high-quality construction of these stainless steel mobile containers, making them a reliable solution for diverse material handling applications.