Labotek Material Bins

Labotek Mobile Bins

Versatile Stainless Steel Mobile Containers

Labotek introduces a comprehensive range of mobile containers designed for plastic granulate or similar materials, available in rectangular configurations. These containers come in six standard sizes, ranging from 150 to 2400 litres, offering flexibility and adaptability for various material handling needs.


Key Features and Specifications

Constructed entirely from durable Stainless Steel Aisi 304, these containers boast a robust build for longevity. Their flexibility is underscored by the ability to be effortlessly moved with a forklift, with an additional option for wheels for enhanced mobility. The standard supply package includes a catch box with 1-4 suction outlets, ensuring seamless conveying (suction pipe Ø50). Other features comprise an oblong inspection glass for level indication, a lid for convenient bottom emptying of the catch box, and a bottom drain tray to achieve zero waste. Users can also opt for automatic material filling, streamlining operational processes.


Technical Specifications

Tailored to meet industry demands, Labotek’s mobile containers feature six standardised sizes, each meticulously designed with dimensions for optimum functionality (150, 300, 600, 900, 1400, and 2400 litres). With precise engineering, these containers provide a versatile and reliable solution for handling plastic granulate and similar materials, offering durability, mobility, and efficiency in one integrated package.